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Participate in Japanese Used Car Auctions

We are a member of the largest car auction, the USS auction, and we can assist you to purchase used-vehicles from the auction directly. Only licensed dealers can purchase vehicles from these car auctions. Buying vehicles from these auction is the best way to obtain maximum savings.

There are reliable professional inspectors in the USS auction which are provided for the buyers. And each vehicle sold at this auction has an auction sheet, i.e. an individual condition report by the inspectors. You can decide which vehicle you will bid on and how much you want to spend after you check this auction sheet.


The USS auction is the largest car auction group in Japan and has 15 auction houses all over Japan. Approximately 40,000 vehicles are auctioned every week in these USS auction houses.

Please visit the USS auction site with the login ID V38095 or E90853 and you will be able to search a database of 40,000 vehicles newly available for auction every week.

Click on the adjoing picture and follow the procedure outlined below in order to bid for the cars you desire.


To start your bid in auction, You need to send us the auction deposit by T.T. or by Credit Card. Minimum deposit required depends on the value of the car. This deposit is refundable or adjustable in your purchase. Please send us copy of T.T. by fax with your name, email and fax number.

Please check here to know the deposit requirements.

For details about the How to Pay, please click here.


Select your car in the USS auction site. Check their Vehicle Details and inform us of your decision. You can do so by simply clicking on the 'Contact' button provided in the car details page.

Please note that you are unable to view information such as previous auction results data, auction sheets in the USS auction site. We provide this information only to the customers who have paid the deposit and started the purchasing process. Once you get the market data, please let us know your Bid Price by email before the auction begins. Shiotsu Auto Trade will bid on your behalf.

If the Bid is successful, we will inform you by email and also send instructions to pay the balance amount. This amount must be paid within 4 days after the bid is successful. If we do not receive the balance amount within 4 days, we will seize your deposit.
After receiving your payment, Shiotsu Auto Trade will ship your car as per shipping schedules. Documents will be sent by Courier/EMS.
You will receive your vehicle. Congratulations !!
Deposit Requirements  
Bidding Budget
Bidding Deposit
Below JPY 500,000 JPY 150,000
Below JPY 1,000,000 JPY 200,000
Above JPY 1,000,000 20% of the Bidding Budget
Fees payable after successful bid
Our commission fee JPY 50,000
Transportation charges
(within Japan by land)
JPY 20,000
Customs fee JPY 20,000
Bidding Fee
(Charged whether bid is successful or not)
JPY 1,000
How to Make the Payment  
1. Bank Account details for Payment by T.T.  
Bank : Kansai Urban Bank  
Branch : Mito Branch  
A/c No. : 386874  
A/c Name : Shiotsu Hiroyuki  
Swift Code : KSBJJPJS  
2. Payment By Credit Card/PayPal  
Please add 4% service charge to all payments by Credit Card/PayPal.
We also accept major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover and payments by PayPal upon request . Please inform us in advance if you wish to make payment by Credit Cards/PayPal. Refunds will be given at the discretion of the company management

All credit card transactions are handled by PayPal . PayPal is the global leader in online payments, PayPal offers our customers a Secure, Accessible, Fast, Easy, Safe, and reliable environment for making online payments. PayPal uses SSL technology to keep your information safe. PayPal is not only free to set up but it is also free to send money online. Remember that all your banking and credit card information remains confidential. We NEVER get to see your financial information. It is no longer necessary to be a PayPal member to make a secure online credit card payment using their services.

*We are sorry but we can not treat the Credit Card/PayPal of Africa and Philippines in our system.

Click on the following icon to make your payment by Credit Card/PayPal.
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